“Crust of bread and such
You can help yourself
But don’t take too much”
Billie Holliday/Arthur Herzog Jr.

Welcome to bread and such, my amusement park of flour, water, and yeast. Oops! I forgot the salt. Can’t forget the salt. At times a wonderland—perfectly shaped and slashed loaves; other times a funhouse of mirrors—breads breathlessly out of shape, unyielding to my touch, my impatience, my screams, and yes, dammit, even my begging. The aroma painting my kitchen walls, the delight of the first bite, and the offering to friends, keeps me in pursuit of the unknown desires and whims of dough, the allure of alchemy, the burst of crumb and explosion of ingredients, and maybe, just maybe, the perfect loaf.


4 responses to “About

  1. Great beginnings Michael. Let it rise.

  2. Love it!

  3. It has been a while since I last checked in Michael. Love your writing and tempted to follow up with some recipes.

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